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Email Newsletter Software for Publishers & Advertisers

We constantly review software programs available for email newsletter publishers and advertisers.

Based on our research, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, and iContact offer the best email delivery service for publishers, especially for firms that need an outside service. These providers offer a good balance of

  • pricing -- with a low cost per month per subscriber per email sent
  • reliability --- with good up-time and deliverability
  • flexibility  -- with a variety of template designs and management options
  • reporting – with easy handling of bounces, unsubscribes, spam reports, etc.

All three have good online support communities where users can interact with other users and share their opinions on the service. They also provide support from administrators and extensive knowledge bases.

Here are our recommendations:

If you are new to e-newsletters and email marketing, go with Vertical Response. They have top-notch support (see Vertical Response review below).

If you are experienced, want to send surveys and have concerns about getting past SPAM filters, go with iContact (see iContact review below).

If you want to have the most design options and don’t mind spending a little more, go with ConstantContact (see ConstantContact review below).

Vertical Response

In terms of “bank for your buck”, we recommend Vertical Response for people new to email marketing and e-newsletters.

The company has very good customer service. You can easily to get a hold of them over the phone for help with their program. We even received a personal welcome phone call after signing-up for the free trial. The Vertical Response Web site is full of helpful videos and support material.

The system also enables you to send post cards to your target list, which can be useful to publishers wanting to integrate email marketing with other activities.

On the down-side, you cannot add custom demographic fields to your subscriber list. These fields are very useful if you want to target your email newsletters or campaigns to a sub-group in your database. The system does integrate with SalesForce. You can segment your database through that system.

You also cannot provide an auto-response through the system. While you can conduct surveys through the system, they charge extra for that feature.

Vertical Response’s Notable Features:

  • Ability to test-drive with a free 30 day fully-functional account
  • Enhanced reporting with integration with Google Analytics
  • Great customer support with a deep community forum
  • Offers a large 25MB of online image storage for your newsletters (compared to 1/2 MB for Constant Contact and iContact).

Cost information: Free trial. Costs to send 500 contacts $10.00

Learn more about Vertical Response


iContact is a best of breed in terms of its user interface. This system offers a well-designed process for creating campaigns, well-built reporting functions and many terrific extras, including an online community.

If you need a sophisticated and easy-to-use campaign management system, this is the one for you. The system enables you to fully manage a campaign in just three easy steps.

A few negatives include only fair marks for customer service. They do not operate 24 x 7 and some online forums report problems getting help, though the company appears to be improving.  The system is a little lacking in its reporting feature as it does not integrate with Google Analytics.

iContact’s Notable Features:

  • A completely free version for small lists up to 500
  • Enhanced deliverability with exceptional white-listing
  • Decreased lost messages due to a strong  SpamCheck features
  • No additional charge for archiving newsletters
  • Improved outreach with  great Blogging and RSS feed tools
  • Better relationship management with online surveys

Cost information: Free trial and free version with 500 contacts (20+ templates). Costs to send 500+ contacts $10.00/month with 500+ templates.

Learn more about iContact


ConstantContact offers a very complete feature set and a top-notch template design program. If your newsletter design is important to you, you cannot go wrong with ConstantContact.

It does lack some of the more sophisticated features such as: auto responses, conversion tracking, and an automated nurturing campaign. We also found the user interface not as intuitive as some of the other providers. ConstantContact’s pricing is a little higher compared to its competitors.

ConstantContact’s Notable Features:

  • Easy-to-use-interface
  • A deep offering of templates makes it easy to find design match
  • Great customer support

Cost information: No free trial. Costs to send 500 contacts $15.00/month

Learn more about ConstantContact




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