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For purchase information click on image Email Marketing Strategy
Some companies send all e-mail messages to everyone on their list, because it's so cheap. This approach is totally wrong, say the authors of "Successful E-mail Marketing Strategies: From Hunting to Farming." For pricing information, click on the image of the book.

This book explains why and how marketers should adopt a cultivating email marketing strategy. Companies should use email to build relationships with their best customers by sending them relevant e-mails.

In many cases, only 10% of a customer email list ever make a purchase. These 10% should be treated as royalty and sent very personalized-relevant email, from birthday greetings to special features and even invites to review products.

The books is provides detailed case studies and easy-to- understand data analysis on companies can identify and nurture their best customers.

Integrating E-Marketing Tactics
“Total E-mail Marketing...” by Dave Chaffey is a great introduction to email marketing. This book is offers practical tips on conducting email marketing campaigns. This second edition builds on the author's successful formula, describing a practical approach to e-mail marketing for all marketers looking to exploit its potential or take their e-mail to the next level. For pricing information, click on the image of the book.

The author thoroughly covers all aspects of electronic marketing, including e-newsletters. He covers all the bases from getting past SPAM filters to integrating RSS Feeds and mobile messaging. His very comprehensive and informative style will help readers interested in getting hands-on advice for improving their e-marketing campaigns. This book is one of the best e-marketing resources we have seen.

Email and Web Site Writing

Anyone who writes content for e-newsletters or for Web sites will benefit from reading “Letting Go of Words” by Janice Reddish. It provides clear writing guidelines and numerous examples. The book is well organized and provides easy to understand, common sense advice. For pricing information, click on the image of the book.

The author explains how to understand what your audience is seeking when they come to your website. And, how to present content in a way that allows visitors to easily find the information they seek.

One of the best book on writing for the web out there. A must read for everyone who writes content for your e-newsletters and for your Website.

Online PR

The explosion of social media is changing the way people and companies interact. "Online Public Relations" by David Phillips & Philip Young gives readers a practical guide to public relations on the Internet. For pricing information, click on the image of the book.

This book helps you learn how to navigate the confusing world of social media, including Twitter, Flikr and Facebook. The authors explain how to use and manage online information effectively.


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