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Get the Right E-newsletter List
and Make More Sales

Email Newsletter Marketing Works. It's Cheap and Quick!

The top four ways to get more sales-generating traffic to your Web site are:

  1. Search Engines (organic search engine ranking, which take time)

  2. Pay-per-click (paid search engine ads, which cost money)

  3. E-newsletter articles (placed email-delivered messages, which can happen quickly for FREE)

  4. E-newsletter ads (placed email-delivered ads, which can
    happen quickly and with little cost)

Get a list of niche e-newsletters for your target market. Click here!

Why Does E-newsletter marketing work so well?

E-newsletters are a superb marketing channel because:

  • Recipients invite e-newsletters into their mailboxes.
    Unlike SPAM, recipients welcome these email messages.
  • The messages are relevant.
    Send messages through e-newsletters targeting your ideal customers and you will get quality traffic to your Web site.
  • Quality traffic means more sales.
    If you boost traffic to your site, but it's not your target market, you will not sell more. The only way to increase your sales is to get your message to the RIGHT people.

How can you succeed with e-newsletter marketing?

Success starts with your e-newsletter list. Get your message into e-newsletters going to subscribers who match your customer profile and you will make sales.

People who want learn about healthcare IT buy healthcare IT services. They also read healthcare industry e-newsletters.

People concerned about their personal finance buy financial products. They also read personal finance e-newsletters.

To have success in e-newsletter marketing you must get the right list of e-newsletters to approach. You can get your ideal targeted list of e-newsletters right here. Our basic lists include:

  1. The name of the e-newsletter publisher
  2. The publisher's email and Web address
  3. A description of the e-newsletter's target audience
  4. Information on the message options in the e-newsletter (Does it accept ads and/or articles?)
  5. And, more
Just tell us your target market and we will give you information on the lists we have that are right for you.

To get a no-obligation, price quote and more details on our e-newsletter lists matching your target market, complete the form below:




Find E-newsletters Your Customers Read

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