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Using Social Media to Promote Email Newsletters

Even in today’s social media-crazed world, e-newsletters can be a powerful marketing tool, if done correctly. Many bloggers even report building readership through their e-newsletter program.

While e-newsletters can help promote your social media, it works in the reverse as well. You can use social media to build your email newsletter program.

Here are some specific tips:

Using Slideshare to Market E-newsletters
SlideShare is a very easy to use online tool for posting a PowerPoint or similar slide show. Visitors view the SlideShare postings through their browser.

When you write a topical email newsletter article, put together a short SlideShare presentation showcasing the article's themes. Make sure you tag it appropriately with relevant keywords. On the last slide, promote your email newsletter.

Use LinkedIn to Market E-newsletters
Once you’ve built your LinkedIn network, you can use it to support your email newsletter program in several ways.

  • Pose a question to your network to gather editorial content. You can ask a question on LinkedIn regarding a relevant topic in your industry. Then provide a summary of the best responses in your next email newsletter
  • When you are working on an interesting article, you can talk about the subject in your regular updates to your LinkedIn network and provide a link to your subscription page
  • If you post SlideShare presentations within your LinkedIn account, promote your email newsletter on the last slide with a link to your subscription page.

Use FaceBook to Market E-newsletters
Connect your email newsletter to your FaceBook page. Here are some instructions:

If you use Vertical Response as your email platform, visit these instructions: how to market Vertical Response enewsletters on facebook.

If you use Constant Contact as your email platform, visit these instructions: how to market Constant Contact enewsletters on facebook.

If you use iContact as your email platform, visit these instructions: how to market iContact enewsletters on facebook.

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