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Email Newsletter Templates Info, Best Practices and Free Resources

Many companies offer free email newsletter templates. Some of the more popular email management companies will provide enewsletter templates free if you use their services.

The top 3 (in terms of pricing, library of free e-newsletter templates and services offered) are:
  1. Vertical Response (learn more about VerticalResponse )

    If you are new to email newsletters and email marketing, we recommend Vertical Response.

    Notable Vertical Response features for email newsletters:
    *500+ free email templates (many enewsletter templates)
    *75,000 free stock images for use in your email newsletter
    *Storage for 25MB of your own email or e-newsletter images
    * A free 30 day fully-functional account
    Visit VerticalResponse Web Site

  2. iContact (learn more about iContact)

    If you are experienced in sending email newsletters and have concerns about getting past SPAM filters, we recommend iContact

    Notable iContact Features for email newsletters:
    *300+ email templates (many enewsletter template options)
    *No additional charge for archiving newsletters
    *Great Spam check features to improve e-newsletter delivery
    *Ability to incorporate surveys into e-newsletter programs
    *Free Trial
    iContact provides a robust array of tools to create, send and track your email marketing campaigns. Try it FREE for 30 Days!

  3. ConstantContact (learn more about ConstantContact)

    If you want to have the most email newsletter design options and don’t mind spending a little more, we recommend ConstantContact.

    Notable ConstantContact Features for email newsletters:
    *10+ email newsletter templates (viewable before sign-up)
    *400+ email templates (some suitable for email newsletters
    *Good tracking and reporting
    Email Marketing and Online Surveys by Constant Contact make it easy to connect with your customers. Try it FREE for 60-Days.

Should you use a pre-made email newsletter template or create your own?
If you want to send html e-newsletters and do not have an in-house designer, you should consider using a enewsletter template. You can make small changes to most enewsletter templates to get a look closer to your corporate image. Want to use an email system other than the 3 we recommend above? Ask your preferred provider if they provide an e-newsletter free template.

Also ask how easy it is to edit the template. For example, make sure you can easily change colors to match your company's color scheme. Some email providers even have pre-designed templates for specific industries.

Should you use html or text format for your email newsletter template?
An HTML newsletter looks just like a Web site page. This email newsletter format uses graphics, different fonts, and html codes to give a very polished look. Email newsletters in html format, do have a few challenges, such as:

  • Most email clients (the recipient's email system) will filter out graphics in the preview pane
  • A greater risk of viruses and email worms, which means some e-mail systems block them
  • Compatibility issues across different e-mail platforms, resulting in a different look from one system to the next
  • No standard for mobile devices and people are increasingly viewing their email on these devices. The industry may develop a standard soon.

Whether you use a template or design your own html e-newsletter (see below), make sure you use best practices.

Email Newsletter Template Best Practices

To get the best results from your email newsletter template, consider the following best practices:
  1. Use a simple html design. You need html to track response.
  2. If you use complex graphics, send both a text and html version and choose an email sending that detects the email client and delivers the correct format
  3. Use graphics strategically and remember graphics are usually not visible unless recipients download them. Recipients often view their e-mail in the preview pane (with graphics turned-off) or in an email filtering program, such as mailwasher.
  4. Use informative alt tags for any graphics you include. With informative alt tags recipients can see the advantage of downloading your graphics.
  5. If you use a graphic logo, make sure to place yout company name in text near the graphic (or in the alt tag).
  6. If possible, use only one column, or no more than two columns. People are increasingly using a mobile device to view email. You need to make it easy for these readers. See our blog post on best practices for making email newsletter templates mobile-ready.
  7. Use a good email service provider. These companies have time-tested email newsletter templates, which you can easily customize to your needs. VerticalResponse offers a wide variety of email newsletter templates that work for mobile readers. Learn more (Link to affiliate link)
For more information on creating effective mail newsletters, read about our new ebook.

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Sports Email Newsletter Templates - Examples

Examples of sports email newsletter templates. Available at this link.
email newsletter sports template-socceremail newsletter sports template-soccer

sports email newsletter template - baseballsports email newsletter template - basketball

B2B Email Newsletter Templates - Examples

Examples of b2b email newsletter templates (available from VerticalResponse).

b2b email newsletter templates

Additional Information on E-Newsletter Templates
For additional information on email newsletter templates, visit the following resources:
How to create your own html email newsletter template at this link.
Market Wise Inc. Internet Marketing Best Practices

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