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Getting your article published in a top enewsletter is competitive endeavor. Use a thoughtful process to develop your articles and improve your chances of success. Here are a few quick writing tips:

  1. Follow the ezine’s rules. Each publication will have rules related to deadlines, content, length, etc. Make sure the article you submit follows the editor's guidelines.

  2. Be sure your article is real and not just a sales pitch. You really must give away some of your “secret sauce” and not write a puff piece.

  3. Write an article with a clear and focused introduction to get readers interest right away. Follow the intro, with 4 or so main points to flush out the intro. Finally, wrap it up with a cogent conclusion.

  4. Plan on an article length of about 450-650 words. Though, per #1 above, follow the editor’s rules.

  5. Remember you are writing for a viewer reading on a computer screen. Just like Web site writing, keep paragraphs and sentences short. Vary the length of sentences and leave white space.

  6. Submit a well written article. If you are a subject matter expert, but not a writer, hire an editor. You can find editors that will do free lance work on or

  7. Do consider SEO strategies. If you want the article to increase your Web site's traffic, incorporate the right keywords appropriately. Your keywords should be those words used by your target audience in searches, not industry jargon. Visit this link if you need help with keyword research for e-newsletter articles. We’ve been conducting keyword research for SEO for 8+ years.

  8. Make sure you include a “resource box” at the end of your article. In that box, you can include your quick bio, information on and a link to your Web site. Be sure to include a call to action; such as:
    • Get a free demo of our software
    • Sign-up for our e-newsletter
    • Send an email request for a free consultation, etc.


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