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Repurposing Email Newsletter Content

When you repurpose content, you take content written for one purpose and reuse it for a second purpose.

After you have written your e-newsletter article, you can reuse it in several ways, such as:

  1. An update email to your prospects. If you don’t have your own email newsletter, send the article as an item of interest to key prospects or customers.

  2. A single blog post. Create a summary of the article and link to the online version.

  3. A series of blog posts. If your article is too long for a single blog post, break it into smaller bits and create a series of posts.

  4. A PDF on your Web site. Reprint the article (with permission from the publisher if required) and use it on a landing page on your Web site.

  5. A news release for the news section of your Web site. Write a summary about the article and link to the completed article or to a PDF.

  6. A news release distributed through any of the free news release services on the Web. Again link to the final article or to a PDF

  7. A SlideShare presentation based on the content. You can create a simple PowerPoint slide presentation based on your article’s content and post it to SlideShare

  8. A post in your social media network. Mention the article in your LinkedIn network updates.

  9. The basis for a presentation to a professional society or trade association. If you belong to a local group with monthly meetings, you could offer to speak about the subject in your article. You could add to the article with real world examples, anecdotes, comments, etc.

  10. A podcast posted on your Web site. Use a program such as AudioAcrobat


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