Top 15 Email Marketing Blogs

To developed this list of the best email marketing blogs on the Web, we:

  • Reviewed the quality of the blog’s information
  • Determined the number and quality of sites linking to the blog
  • Analyzed how well the blog ranks in the search engines for important keywords

Many of the best blogs also provide email-marketing software. To make our list, the software companies’ blogs also provided useful information on a range of email-marketing issues. If you have a blogs to add to the list, please let us know.

1. Aweber
The Aweber blog covers a range of topics from how to set-up email marketing campaigns, to tips for autoresponders and email marketing through Facebook. This blog is not solely focused on Aweber’s product offerings. The blog includes links to helpful Aweber (product-oriented) YouTube videos. Aweber produces an excellent auto-responder service to help company’s build email marketing lists.

2. MailChimp
While the blog offers extensive information on using MailChimp’s tools, it also provides solid information on how to improve your email marketing efforts. The blog offers useful tips on current trends, such as insuring that your email message is mobile-ready.
MailChimp is an email service provider widely used by such top brands as TED, The Economist and Smashing Magazine.

3. Get Response
The GetResponse includes guest hosts/Webinar presenters on a variety of useful email marketing topics. Some recent topics included Email Follow-ups 101, How to Engage Your Audience, and Smart Tips from a leading SEO experts. The blog also includes top tips for effectively using the Get Response email software, which is used by companies such as Men’s Health, istockphoto and Intercontinental Hotels.

4. ProBlogger
ProBlogger is geared to writing, promoting and making money from a blog. Email marketers will find very useful information on topics related to developing and promoting content. The information on content is top-notch, which is why we included this blog on our list. One recent post discusses how to use email to post to your wordpress blog.

5. CopyBlogger
CopyBlogger provides very practical tips on how to do effective content marketing. We included this site because content development is often an ongoing struggle for email marketers, especially email newsletter publishers. Advertising Age listed CopyBlogger in its Power150 list. A recent post included How to Build Your Email Marketing List with a WordPress Web site. The blog also offers email-marketing tutorials.

6. VerticalResponse
The VerticalResponse blog is a true treasure trove of information. Unlike many email-marketing providers, this blog provides an extensive amount of basic (non-software-related) information. The category of topics listed covers more than 40 categories, including building email lists, email and the law, and email marketing analysis. When the blog covers the VerticalResponse product (a very small subset of its posts), it lets you know with a charming label “VR Shameless Promotion.” Janine Popick, CEO of Vertical Response, is a regular columnist with Inc Magazine and Huffington Post on email marketing.

7. Benchmark Email Marketing
Benchmark’s blog covers a range of topics from email marketing news to tips for growing your business. The blog includes specific email marketing tips for 10+ industries (such as associations/non-profits, wineries, real estate, etc.). The blog also hosts guest blogs from top industry leaders as well as a fair amount of product specific posts. Benchmark is an email marketing service provider.

8. Silverpop
Silverpop is a digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social. The Silverpop blog is very deep with excellent information on a wide range of email marketing topics including email marketing creative, metrics, b2b marketing, social, and more. The site hosts well-known industry leaders as guest bloggers. This blog gears its information toward larger email marketing campaigns, inline Silverpop’s target market.

9. MarketingTech Blog
This blog provides top tips on a range of marketing subjects, including email. Other subjects covered are analytics, automation, content, mobile, search, social, and wordpress. Recent posts in this popular blog included how to engage subscribers, combining email and social media, and more. The blog covers many aspects on online marketing in addition to email.

10. SimplyCast Email Marketing Blog
This blog is produced by SimplyCast, an email service and multi-channel communications provider. The blog provides some tips for improving email-marketing results. Recent topics covered email optimization, best practices, list creation and metrics. The blog also covers many topics related to using the simplycast system. The system has some big name clients including FedEx, Intuit and KimberlyClark.

11. Email Market Reports
Email Marketing Reports is one of the best independent email marketing blogs on the Web. This blog provides a wealth of information in every aspect of email marketing, from list acquisition, to campaign design. Recent blog posts covered how to write a shorter tweet, an overview of being CAN-SPAM compliant, and email fun facts. The website also lists a large list of useful resources for email marketing efforts. The blog is published by a single writer and can go through spells of inactivity; but the information is top-notch and resource section is very useful

12. Listrak Blog
This is a very informative blog by market leader Listrak, a provider of high-end email marketing services. The information is very useful for all levels of email marketing expertise, though Listrak’s services are most appropriate for the larger mailer. Topics covered include a full-breadth of subjects, including analytics, acquisition, engagement, layout, sweepstakes, and more. The information is top-notch and updated many times per month. Each blog post typically includes a graphic of a good email message and analysis of why it works.

13. Boomerang Blog
Published by email service provider, Boomerang, this blog also covers very helpful information. Recent posts covered email layout tips, combining email and social, improving metrics and an interesting discussion of the difference between measuring activity and analyzing results. Additionally, the blog covers tips for users of the Boomerang system.

14. BeRelevant Email Marketing Blog
This blog focuses on B2B email marketers and is published by an email-marketing consultant in Belgium. The publisher provides great “from the trenches” information. Recent topics included “Why recipients don’t open your email”, “Why email list segmentation matters”, and “Five insights to improve your clickthrough rates”.

15. Retail email blog
This blog tracks the email marketing campaigns of the top online retailers. The site displays some recent email campaigns for the big-brand, top retailers, along with a critique of the campaign. Responsys, a global provider of on-demand marketing solutions, publishes the blog. The blog also covers a range of topics, relevant to retail email marketers, including frameless email design, using animated gifs, opt-in forms and more.

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