Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media Easily With Vertical Response

Vertical Response (VR) announced yesterday that its system now enables customers to include social sharing icons in their email messages and email newsletters.

If you use VR, you can use these tools to allow email newsletter recipients to spread your message easily to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

I think this integration is a great step forward in merging two valuable communication channels. If you want to build a robust communications program with your customers and prospects, you must use both email marketing and social media.

Email marketing gives you more control of the message channel and social gives your message an amplifying effect. Similar to the ripples in a pond after throwing a stone.

VR’s system will also allow customers to track which recipients share an email message with their social networks. By watching the number of Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets (and Retweets) and LinkIn Shares, you can measure how far your “ripple effect goes”.

If you have not yet added social media to your customer outreach, consider this as an easy first step. Set-up your corporate accounts for FaceBook , Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ask your current email service provider how they integrate with social media. If they do not have a robust integration package, you should take a trial run of Vertical Response.

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